if you would like to buy prints of any of my paintings i've got 8x10" photo prints on my ebay, or you can directly message me for your print or comissions requests (stunstu@hotmail.com), or you can order larger prints from APG gallery Sheffield.


If you want me to paint something for you i can generally do something for you no matter what your budget - have a look at some examples of my twee comissions in this "Higgldey Piggldey Portraits" folder.

as i say, i am an artist available for all occasions - i can do quick portraits of punters at events, i do wacky art and music workshops, pub painting, timelapse painting videos, party casio keybaord singalongs, "Scrotum", and whatever you want really. Thankyou! this website is only a really brief introduction to my art - why not sign up to the links below to really get gooey with the stuey xx


contact: stunstu@hotmail.com  -   facebook  -  tumblr  -   bandcamp  -   youtube  -   twitter


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mona lisa spoon

this is a rough price list in this box below - my low self worth makes for fantastic value for you the shopper!!!! send me an e-mail or a facebonk for comission or painting price enquiries. I am very reliable and always get a job done on time!

rough price guide winter gardens stall