Forewords by L.L.B and Shehan Murphy:


The thing i love most about Stuart Faulkner’s paintings is the irrepressible optimism and joy in them. His delight is our delight. They cheer me up. No. i mean seriously, they actually change my mood. What a fantastically powerful and tangible talent he has. He is a sort of visual Prozac. His massive popularity is no surprise, really, because in a way, we actually need him. We need to be delighted like this.

How is it that he is so great? How is it that four generations of my family love him so much? Perhaps it’s because he is not only a kind cheeky friend who shows us a mirror of our own familiar and flawed behaviour with a benevolent twinkle in his eye, but also a voyeur whose eavesdropping is quite deliciously embarrassing if you recognize yourself or your loved ones in his work.


I met Stuart recently and i was very glad to of had that opportunity because so much of his own personality and attitude is contained in his work. When in his company you feel that misbehaviour is imminent and i must admit that i did get a bit over giddy in anticipation. Stuart is the real deal, he appears to have no pretensions whatsoever, no arty angst. He’s the sort of person you know you want to go out with for the evening. He’s friendly and warm but he’s also voraciously curious, on the lookout for anything unusual or saucy. I don’t think much escapes his attention, he’s a sort of thief really, stealing from our lives, but in a way we don’t mind because he treats his contraband with such celebratory panache.


it is so easy for snooty critics (the art world seems to be overcrowded with them) to overlook or dismiss his work, because a) he’s spectacularly prolific, so they aren’t convinced he is suffering enough to produce anything sublime and b) his work is so utterly enjoyable, so universally loved, therefore how can that be right??!


I have identified so much with Stuart Faulkner’s work in the past that i have sort of decided that he is part of my family - part of a truly artistic brotherhood, like many admirers of his work, i feel a supremely personal connection with it.


Stuart Faulkner is one of my all-time favourite people, someone we should truly cherish. I’m all for instigating “Stuart Faulkner day” where we get to have a day off, get a gang of mates together, dress up for netball in burka’s and Klansmen’s gowns - and go down to the beach to hang out with Paul, hulk and Terry ‘Ogan - and watch as the tides rise around lovely Tyrannosaurus Rex’s!

Bugger it I’m going to do it anyway.. coming?  L.L.B. XX

Hello! I am the artist Stuart Faulkner. I am primarily a painter - painting my own weird work, and i also take very affordable commissions to paint your family friends and pets – in a variety of styles!


As well as the painting - I also love to sing! At my last couple of exhibitions, I have made accompanying audio guides, which sing additional information about the pieces and make for a thoroughly immersive experience into my own art WORLD!


There is a bit of a long running documentary about my life as a wacky artist being made by film maker Miles Barker that may or may not materialise sometime in the future - but if you want to see my performance stuff you can watch me in action via this youtube playlist, and you can sign up to my channel here.


I'm hopefully looking to take my "Morality and Moronity" exhibition on a tour round a few bits of the british isles next year - if you know any galleries or spaces willing to exhibit my work, or where i can perform a "personal appearance & musical performance art gig" act - then please do get in touch! (or feel free to just chat shit on facebook).




Stuart Faulkner is an amazing painter, hero of the hour,

Tint and tone colossus,

Unrivalled in his power.

Adolf Hitler looks his best,

Ronnie Barker too,

To see the form and colour flow, the highlights and the hues.


For he is Stuart Faulkner,

And his paint brush tipped with glory,

Unique images abound,

Like Julie Andrews looking gory.

Ku Klux Klans’ play volleyball,

'Neighbours’ up in flames,

Everything you know and love,

Re-wired to rot yer brain.


Is it real, you ask yourself?

Something seems damn mental,


Another assault on your frontal lobe,

Nice work; Orville Glitter has dental!


And so his fame it spreads the globe,

Man, woman and child unite,

Angelic in his countenance,

Zeus-like in their sight.

In praise they shout, out loud and proud they sing,

Now they call with one accord,

“Go Stuart! Be our king!”


Peaks and mountains they reach high, but Stuart reaches higher!

Adonis of the artist’s art!

In every style inspired!

Nation after nation swells,

To chant in harmony,

“Ever was there an amazing painter,”

“Really, Stuart Faulkner, it is he!”

Stuart Faulkner is an Amazing Painter - by Shehan Murphy